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Women's Big Bash League 2018-19 Schedule - Fixtures

Women's Big Bash League 2018-19 Schedule, Fixtures- The Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) will Start on Saturday, strengthening women’s cricket in Australia and providing inspiration for the next generation of female players and fans. The first season of the WBBL will see eight clubs – aligned with the eight KFC Big Bash League clubs – take part in a competition comprising of 59 matches in 51 days.

WbbL the Australian Cricket ambition, the sport of choice for girls and women, which provides a clear path basic cricket elite level and promote positive female role models for young players fans.
Grillo women in Australia will be a new era in December into force when the first eight teams Big Bash League Women (WbbL) will be broadcast live on free TV.
The new format, which in the state replaces the former T20 competition of women on the basis is to see eight teams - KFC Big Bash Men League (BBL) - participates in 59 matches over 51 days that the culminating finale Sunday, January 24th 2016 with more WbbL KFC Bundesliga matches, to ensure that the number of women, national parties has been reduced in recent seasons.

Women's Big Bash League 2017-18 Fixtures Schedule 






Week 1
09 DecMelbourne Renegades vs Sydney ThunderNorth Sydney Oval No.1, North Sydney1:45 PMOnline
09 DecHobart Hurricanes vs Adelaide StrikersTBC12:00 AMOnline
09 DecSydney Sixers vs Melbourne StarsNorth Sydney Oval No.1, North Sydney6:15 PMOnline
10 DecPerth Scorchers vs Brisbane HeatNorth Sydney Oval No.1, North Sydney10:45 AMOnline
10 DecAdelaide Strikers vs Hobart HurricanesTBC12:00 PMOnline
10 DecSydney Thunder vs Sydney SixersNorth Sydney Oval No.1, North Sydney2:00 PMOnline
12 DecSydney Sixers vs Perth ScorchersTBC12:00 PMOnline
12 DecMelbourner Stars vs Sydney ThunderTBC2:00 PMOnline
15 DecBrisbane Heat vs Perth ScorchersAllan Border Field, Brisbane2:00 PMOnline
Week 2
16 DecSydney Thunder vs Melbourne StarsTBC2:00 PMOnline
16 DecMelbourne Renegades vs Adelaide StrikersAdelaide Oval, Adelaide12:00 AMOnline
17 DecHobart Hurricanes vs Sydney SixersTBC2:00 PMOnline
17 DecAdelaide Strikers vs Melbourne RenegadesAdelaide Oval, Adelaide12:00 AMOnline
22 DecBrisbane Heat vs Melbourne RenegadesCamberwell Sports Ground, Camberwell2:00 PMOnline
Week 3
23 DecSydney Sixers vs Hobart HurricanesSCG, Sydney12:20 PMOnline
23 DecMelbourne Renegades vs Brisbane HeatEtihad Stadium, Melbourne2:30 PMOnline
26 DecPerth Scorchers vs Melbourne StarsWACA, Perth11:20 AMOnline
27 DecMelbourne Stars vs Perth ScorchersWACA, Perth11:30 AMOnline
29 DecBrisbane Heat vs Adelaide StrikersTBC12:00 AMOnline
Week 4
30 DecPerth Scorchers vs Sydney SixersTBC10:00 AMOnline
30 DecHobart Hurricanes vs Sydney ThunderUniversity of Tasmania Stadium, Launceston2:20 PMOnline
31 DecSydney Thunder vs Hobart HurricanesTBC1:00 PMOnline
31 DecAdelaide Strikers vs Brisbane HeatAdelaide Oval, Adelaide1:15 PMOnline
02 JanSydney Sixers vs Melbourne RenegadesCamberwell Sports Ground, Camberwell2:00 PMOnline
03 JanMelbourne Renegades vs Sydney SixersTBC2:20 PMOnline
05 JanMelbourne Stars vs Adelaide StrikersCasey Fields, Cranbourne East2:00 PMOnline
Week 5
06 JanMelbourne Renegades vs Melbourne StarsMCG, Melbourne2:20 PMOnline
07 JanBrisbane Heat vs Hobart HurricanesTBC12:00 AMOnline
07 JanSydney Thunder vs Perth ScorchersTBC10:00 AMOnline
08 JanHobart Hurricanes vs Brisbane HeatBlundstone Arena, Hobart1:20 PMOnline
08 JanPerth Scorchers vs Sydney ThunderWACA, Perth1:30 PMOnline
09 JanAdelaide Strikers vs Melbourne StarsAdelaide Oval, Adelaide2:20 PMOnline
12 JanBrisbane Heat vs Melbourne StarsTBC12:00 AMOnline
Week 6
13 JanAdelaide Strikers vs Perth ScorchersTBC12:00 AMOnline
13 JanSydney Sixers vs Sydney ThunderSCG, Sydney2:30 PMOnline
13 JanMelbourne Stars vs Brisbane HeatTBC12:00 AMOnline
14 JanMelbourne Renegades vs Hobart HurricanesTBC12:00 AMOnline
14 JanPerth Scorchers vs Adelaide StrikersTBC12:00 AMOnline
15 JanHobart Hurricanes vs Melbourne RenegadesBlundstone Arena, Hobart2:50 PMOnline
18 JanSydney Sixers vs Brisbane HeatSCG, Sydney2:50 PMOnline
19 JanBrisbane Heat vs Sydney SixersHurstville Oval, Hurstville2:00 PMOnline
Week 7
20 JanMelbourne Stars vs Melbourne RenegadesMCG, Melbourne1:45 PMOnline
20 JanPerth Scorchers vs Hobart HurricanesWACA, Perth1:45 PMOnline
21 JanHobart Hurricanes vs Perth ScorchersTBC12:00 AMOnline
21 JanMelbourne Stars vs Sydney SixersCasey Fields, Cranbourne East2:00 PMOnline
24 JanSydney Thunder vs Melbourne RenegadesTBC2:50 PMOnline
Week 8
27 JanMelbourne Stars vs Hobart HurricanesMCG, Melbourne12:20 PMOnline
27 JanAdelaide Strikers vs Sydney SixersHurstville Oval, Hurstville2:00 PMOnline
27 JanMelbourne Renegades vs Perth ScorchersCamberwell Sports Ground, Camberwell2:00 PMOnline
27 JanBrisbane Heat vs Sydney ThunderGabba, Brisbane1:30 PMOnline
28 JanHobart Hurricanes vs Melbourne StarsMCG, Melbourne12:00 PMOnline
28 JanPerth Scorchers vs Melbourne RenegadesCamberwell Sports Ground, Camberwell2:00 PMOnline
28 JanSydney Sixers vs Adelaide StrikersHurstville Oval, Hurstville2:00 PMOnline
28 JanSydney Thunder vs Brisbane HeatTBC12:00 AMOnline
01 FebSemi FinalTBCTBCOnline
02 FebSemi FinalTBCTBCOnline
04 FebFinalTBCTBCNetwork 10

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  1. Where is live streaming for the WBBL televised matches?? Willow is not broadcasting them in the USA. :(